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Data Visualization with Tableau

Data Visualization with Tableau

Date: TBD

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Instructor: Sasha Bartashnik

Venue:  500 7th Ave, 17th Fl., New York, NY (close to Times Square)

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Course Preview


Overview: This two day intensive course covers the practical skills needed to explore, analyze, and present data using Tableau as your data visualization tool. We will work on understanding a data set using filters, hierarchies, and parameters; transforming it using calculations and functions; and analyzing it using basic descriptive and statistical methods. By the end of the course students with limited programming and statistical knowledge will be able to analyze a data set and create interactive visualizations and dashboards to tell a compelling story.


Project Demo Day and Certificates

Each student will present a project of their choice on Project Demo Day. Upon successful completion of the course, you will qualify for one of three certificates: Extraordinary Standing, Honorable Graduation, and Active Participation.

Certificates are awarded according to your understanding, skill, and participation.


Day 1

Intro: Why visual analytics

Basics: View Types and Dashboards

- Common plot types explained
- Intro to Tableau interface

  • Work flow
  • Connecting
  • Interface
  • Understanding your data

- Asking/answering questions

  • Finding a story
  • Creating a tool

- Putting it together

  • Dashboard intro
  • Making it work together

- Remaining viz types in Show Me toolbar

Interacting with Data: Filters, Calculations, Parameters

- Interacting with data

  • Sorting
  • Filters
  • Groups / hierarchies
  • Tooltips

- Basic calculations

  • Working with aggregations
  • Quick table calculations
  • Custom table calculations

- Create new table calculation

  • Calculated fields
  • Calculated measures
  • Calculated categories

- Advanced table calculations

  • % difference
  • Moving average
  • Window average


Day 2

Intro: Making effective visualizations

Advanced Functionality: Multiple Data Sources, Stats & Analysis, Metrics

- Data sources

  • More about single data sources
    • custom SQL
    • extracts
    • performance
  • More about multiple data sources
    • What is a join
    • Joining in Tableau
    • Blending in Tableau

- Exploring with data

  • Distribution
  • Missing values
  • Outliers
  • Summary stats

- Working with goals

  • Reference lines
  • Parameters

Odds & Ends: Tips & Tricks, Sharing Work, Best Practices

- Tips and tricks

  • Swapping out measures
  • Actions
  • Bringing in the web
  • Custom shapes / images
  • More with maps

- Sharing

  • Exporting images
  • Exporting data
  • Publishing files

- Dashboard best practices