Intro to Data Science with R (2-day intensive)

Intro to Data Science with R (2-day intensive)
Course Overview

This course is a 2-day intensive workshop on basic R programming. You’ll learn how to load, save, and transform data as well as write functions, generate graphs, and run basic statistical models. You’ll acquire not only the theoretical framework that helps you understand the process of data analysis, but also practical skills that allow you to utilize as soon as you get back from the course.

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July 28, 2017 - July 29, 2017 9:00am-5:00pm Workdays
Day 1: July 28, 2017
Day 2: July 29, 2017
New York
500 8th Ave., Suite 905
New York, NY 10018.0
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David Romoff
David Romoff
David Romoff is a risk management consultant with 10 years of experience modeling market and credit risk using the latest methods and technologies. David's recent work includes serving as Manager of Risk Management at On Deck Capital, a business lending company in the FinTech space that uses machine learning models to underwrite loans. David was responsible for estimating and reporting losses on the book of loans. Previously, David worked in Enterprise Risk Management at AIG for five years where he designed and supported models on insurance risk, credit risk, and capital allocation. Before AIG, he worked at Bear Stearns in counterparty credit risk. David has an MBA from the Zicklin School of Business in New York City and a Master of Science in Actuarial Science from Columbia University. His undergraduate degree is from the State University of New York at Albany, where he studied psychology and philosophy.

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What is this course about?

This course is a 2-day intensive workshop on basic R programming. You’ll learn how to load, save, and tranform data as well as write functions, generate graphs, and run basic statitiscal models. You’ll acquire not only the theoretical framework that helps you understand the process of data analysis, but also practical skills that allow you to utilize as soon as you get back from the course.

Who is this class for?

This class will be a good fit for you if you are just starting using R or have dabbled in R, and want to improve your skills. No prior experience with R is required.


You need to bring a laptop installed with the latest version of R. We also recommend installing RStudio IDE in advance.


Day 1 – Getting started and working with data

An introduction to R and data analysis:

  • How to download and update R
  • How to find resources and help for R
  • Stages of data analysis
  • Best practices of data analysis

Visualizing data:

  • Visualize the distribution of a variable
  • Exploring and plotting relationships between variables
  • Displaying very large data sets through graphs without over-plotting
  • Use best practices for Exploratory Data Analysis in R

Working with data:

  • Loading different data formats into R
  • Working with factors in R
  • How to clean poorly formatted data
  • Saving your data

Manipulating data:

  • Subset, transform, summarize, and reorder data sets
  • Perform targeted, groupwise operations on data
  • Join multiple data sets together

Day 2 – Programming and modeling in R

Programming in R:

  • Create an if else statement
  • Write and optimize for and while loops in R
  • Use best practices for programming in R

R Functions:

  • Organize a problem into a series of functions
  • Write a function in R
  • Apply best practices for writing functions in R

Simulation in R:

  • Generate random numbers in R
  • Visualize uncertainty with bootstrapping in R
  • Construct a confidence interval with bootstrapping in R
  • Test a hypothesis with a permutation test in R

Modeling in R:

  • Write a formula in R
  • Fit a model to data in R
  • Compare models
  • Explore data sets with models


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Yide Pan
The 4 days R training was very impressive. I am new to the R world with little technical background, Vivian and her team explain the R with various examples close to my daily works, they prepared a very detailed training slides, and gave us plenty of time to do the hands on. We also created some virtual project after the class under the help from trainers. The trainers are very very energetic, they are very good at leading you to the key points, and always pushing you to complete the homework,LOL. Great thanks to Vivian and her team. I am exploring R in more area in my works, looking forward to work with you again.
Kai Sun

It was only a four-day entry-level training, but it turned out that I made the right choice to come along, join Vivian and her talented colleagues, and benefit tremendously from the lessons, discussions and on-site exercises. What’s more, with the encouragement from the teachers, I managed to complete my own small R project, and have been interested in further my studies on R ever since. I strongly recommend any one, who is intrigued by data management, visualization, data mining, statistics, or critical thinking using mathematical tools, to learn R, or preferably, learn R with Vivian and her colleagues, to expand his or her horizon, and make use of R in many ways possible.

Jiten Pai

I took the Data Science by R programming (beginner level) class taught by Vivian. The class material was very well organized and consisted of tips and tricks that only someone who has worked extensively with R would know, some undocumented features included. The course, home work, and project are quite intensive, so be prepared to put the time in; but when you are done, you will be a much more valuable professional! It’s all well worth the effort and hard work. The beginner course has set the stage for me to take the next level data mining class, which I am eagerly looking forward to.

Eugene Zee

As an employer, I have found NYC Data Science Academy classes significantly improved the data science and visualization skill set of our research and business analyst. The courses are practical, compressed and come with lots of support. We sent a motivated team member to the Intensive Beginner R class. Previously he had no R experience and in one month’s time he was able to achieve proficiency. Since completing the course, our analyst has built, analyzed and presented data in valuable new ways.

David Russo

I just finished the 002 session of the beginner R class. We certainly got a lot of “bang for our buck”, because Vivian is preeminent in the field of data science, and she was able to move through a lot of material very quickly. She worked extremely hard in preparing well organized slides, and for me the key was to go through the day’s presentation, provided beforehand, during the week prior to the class, running all the code and seeing what it does. This allows you to keep up and absorb her lesson when you get into class. In addition to getting a solid start on the use of R, the class also provided valuable insight into the field of data science, which is a career into which I am interested in transitioning. Lastly, Vivian made herself available to us weekly for extra help, either in person or via web interaction, which was much appreciated. Like I said, she is very dedicated and works extremely hard at seemingly everything she does. Thanks Vivian!

Heena Doshani

I attended the beginner’s workshop for R and I found it extremely useful. The classes were very well organized. The slides were well paced with many practical examples. I especially like the hands on format of the class, you work through the slides on your laptop. I had very little knowledge of R before and I learned many tools during the course. I was particularly interested in the visualization tools. Since the course, I have used some of the charting tools that I learned in my presentations at work as well. Both Scott and Vivian did an excellent job teaching R basics. They were very helpful and answered questions in person, email and piazza (online platform where we would post our solutions). Vivian also shared with the class a lot of material and practical examples. I would highly recommend this course to users who are interested in learning R.

Jasna Vukovic

The Introductory R class covered a broad range of information, and for a statistics and programming newbie like me, was indispensable for coming up to speed on a variety of related subject matter. Vivian is passionate about R, open data, statistics, etc.. Her enthusiasm is contagious!