NYC Open Data Project II — My Citibike

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Nyc open data project ii — predict where to get and return my citibike from Vivian S. Zhang




Meetup Announcement:

In this workshop, Vivian Zhang shared how to scrap the data from citibike website every 5 minutes and applyed two modeling techique to predict availability of bike and rack in coming 15 and 30 minutes.

Speaker: Vivian Zhang, CTO and co-founder of SupStat Inc, organizer of NYC Open Data Meetup, Founder of NYC Data Science Academy. She teaches R and Hadoop.


– Overview

– Citibike Data

– Scrapping

– Data Description

– Modeling


Other Useful Info Link:

If you want to try it by yourself, you can download the citibike data from the link below:

The similar crontab command in windows: Task scheduler