Diego De Lazzari

Researcher, developer and data scientist. Diego De Lazzari is an applied physicist with a rather diverse background. He spent 8 years in applied research, developing computational models in the field of Plasma Physics (Nuclear Fusion) and Geophysics. As a Research Geophysicist at Shell Global Solutions, He developed “data-driven” applications to predict and extract small, usually unwanted features in large seismic datasets. At NYC Data Science Academy he designed a recommender system for job postings using data scraped from Glassdoor.com. He also built a classifier for highly imbalanced data, to predict the occurrence of defective parts in Bosch manufacturing line. The project is part of an ongoing Kaggle competition where he scored in the top 15% of the public leaderboard. Diego holds a Ph.D. in Applied physics from Eindhoven University of Technology and is interested in energy industry, energy scenario modeling and global trends for business and society.

articles contributed by Diego

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