Radhey Shyam

Radhey Shyam received his Ph.D. in Physics from Clemson University, USA and M.S. (Computer Science & Engineering) from GJU of Science & Technology, India. Radhey Shyam did his master's thesis on Network Monitor System, where he applied innovative idea of parallel processing using multiple threads in VC++, which make the network monitoring process faster by ten times and hence, was awarded distinction for his thesis work. During his first two years in Ph.D., he worked in Computational Physics lab, utilizing Clemson University's high-performance computing (HPC) resources to make top ten predictions of protein-protein docking algorithms. Then, he switched field to Experimental Physics and worked on inter-disciplinary project with Electrical & Computer Engineering to fabricate Metal-Oxide- Semiconductor(MOS) capacitors, to study the energy loss of single charged and multiple charged ions in MOS dielectric films. Currently, he is honing his analytical and computational skills in Data Science and looking for a position in industry.

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