Data Network (We Will Hear It Before White House People Do)

Posted on Sep 6, 2013

Many thanks go to Jonathan Roberts for giving such a great speech!


Meetup Announcement:

Jonathan Roberts presented Clean.Data. - a tool for discovering cleaned data sets, identifying high value closed datasets, and getting credit for your data analysis work.

Clean.Data. is a tool that will be presented at the White House in the Fall, and we want to highlight NYC data science, and the value of NYC Open Data, when we do.


Dr Jonathan Roberts is an astrophysicist and data scientist. He's worked with telescopes in Argentina, predictions for the Large Hadron Collider and loves playing with NYC open data. He's also passionate about data visualization and consults with NYC tech startups. He's a board member of Energy Infotech NYC and heads up the Clean.Data. Initiative.


In this workshop people could learn about the Clean.Data. tool, how it can highlight your work, and how you can use it as a data discovery tool. People could also learn how to query the API to access data directly (this is an Open Data tool after all), and we covered some of the graphing in D3.

- the Clean.Data. tool, the API and the backend
- how we use Django and D3 to build the application for those that are interested in looking behind the scenes
- getting your work onto the site and integrating it with the connected web of open data projects.


Find the data sets you want to explore, or an analysis project you would like to show off. Please register on the site:


Other Useful Info Link:


Check out and sign up.If you're interested in learning about the guts of the program - check out d3.js  and Django .

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