Hadoop Workshop III: One Stop Shop -- One System Fit All Sizes of Data

Posted on May 13, 2014

NYC Data Science Academy is offering two relative courses:

RSVP Big Data with Hadoop, Beginner Level

RSVP Big Data with Hadoop, Intermediate Level


Meetup Announcement:

How Could One Hadoop System Fit all Sizes of Data?

Vivian introduced this awesome Hadoop-based system born in Shanghai high tech park.

Speaker: Vivian Zhang, CTO and co-founder of SupStat Inc, organizer of NYC Open Data Meetup, Founder of NYC Data Science Academy. She teaches R and Hadoop.


TDH(Transwarp Data Hub) is a business solution for storage and analysis of data from 100GB to over 2PB. Besides flexibility, it is faster than most popular systems. Moreover, built-in PL/SQL interpreter and SparkR system enable users to do complex analysis directly on HDFS.

Transwarp's founder was Intel's Engineering Manager for Big Data Product Team for 9 years and 11 months. Transwarp recently finished fundraising A round.


  1. Weakness of traditional systems for big data analysis

  2. Unique features of TDH(Transwarp Data Hub)

  3. Industrial applications

  4. Built-in PL/SQL interpreter, Tableau and SparkR.

  5. High-level cooperation and service

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