Meetup: Scikit-Learn Workshop by Andreas Mueller

Posted on Apr 1, 2015

This past Monday, over 70 data scientists and open data-ers went up to Microsoft for the Scikit-Learn Workshop Meetup. The event was held through the NYC Data Science Academy and NYC Open Data. Andreas Mueller, one of the core developers, gave a presentation about some of the most advanced features of Scikit-Learn.

Andreas currently is a Research Scientist at the NYU Center for Data Science, a research group dedicating to open source software for data science. Previously he worked as a Machine Learning Scientist at Amazon, focusing on computer vision and forecasting problems.

Scikit-Learn is machine learning library for Python. It has become a powerful tool for many data science practitioners. The talk introduced some of the exciting aspects of scikit-learn, such as building complex machine learning pipelines, model evaluation, parameter search, and out-of-core learning.

For those who missed the meetup, here is the video!

Read Scikit-Learn Workshop slides.

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