Advanced Regression to Predict Housing Prices (Kaggle Competition)

Dean Goldman
Posted on Mar 12, 2018

Project Overview:

This project was a team effort along with Kweku Ulzen, Michael Chin, and Matthew Sun to enter into the Housing Prices in Ames, Iowa Kaggle Competition.

The goals included:

  • Maximize the predictive power of our machine learning models to predict the sale prices of houses based on a given set of features.
  • Code a feedback system that would allow the team to easily experiment with subtle changes to the vast variety of model tuning.


The team set up a shared repository on Github, and set about initial dataset exploratory analysis independently, and sharing results frequently.

We came to a final model by following a cycle of data exploration, data engineering, feature selection, model selection and tuning, testing, and analyzing results.

Read our presentation here.



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