How to become a googler?

Posted on Nov 4, 2018

Why we are here?

Why do we study data science here?  There are different reasons, but the greatest goal is to get a job as a Data Scientist.  Students learn various skills as data science and utilize their domain knowledge.Here are some more things to look at, including skills:

  • Ability of Data Science 
  • Interview Skill 
  • Networking 
  • Find Job opportunity


Yes! We Know

Data Scientist is a prospective job. Since interest in Big Data has increased, There is demand in all areas.


What skills should I have? Which company can I join?

So let's look at the current status of the data scientist working for the enterprise. As shown in the figure below, the company wants to have two or four years of experience using R / Python. Is the qualification desired by the company as well? Ok! Let’s find out from data!

Data From Kaggle

Data were obtained from the data set provided by kaggle.
It is actual job information with data collected using Selenium at the official Google site. Please refer to the link below for more information about the dataset.


Make a extra feature 

Since there are only seven features in the provided data, new features were extracted. I just use simple word match

Shiny Application 

Position Map 


I visualized Google's job positions through a simple map. As a global company, Google is hiring in a variety of cities around the world. However, it can be seen that many people are concentrated in the United States.



It is a page about career years / language about the entire employment status of Google. Overall, we can see that the requirements for java are high. In our area of interest, Data Science, we can see that the requirements for matlab / Python are high for languages with average years of experience. In addition, education level is also the highest in BS. This shows that field experience and domain knowledge are most important in the data science field.


Requirement Word Cloud

If you look at the word cloud extracted from the minimum qualification, you can find interesting points. The minimum qualification emphasized the relevant work experience, but the preferred qualification preferred mind sets such as communication skills.It can be interpreted as a preference for the necessary skills as a co-worker beyond simple work experience.


More details

I simply visualized Google job information through R Shiny. I think that I can get better results if NLP processing related text is done. Let's challenge the Google!

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