Investment Funds of European Countries

Valentin Fera
Posted on Jun 11, 2019


Financial data is a strong source of information that gives us an idea of how healthy the economy is functioning.  We like to see consistent flow of funds in the market because this is a good indicator that investors are confident.  Although the investment market is not the whole of the economy, it is a major component of a countries total economic output, the GDP.



This app is designed to allow you, the user, to extract specific information about the European economy over the past ten years. There are three different sets of interactive plots, each being adjusted according to the year selected.  

Countries Analyzed:

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain

Fund Types:

The stock value of a fund is the amount of that fund that a country owns.  The flows on the other hand is a measure of how much was put in or taken out of that fund. A negative investment flow implies that businesses have taken their money out of that fund.

Bond Funds, Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, Mixed Funds, Real Estate Funds, Other Funds


The App:

The first set of plots allows you to observe the investments of each country individually and compare how they invest in each kind of fund.

The second set of plots gives an in depth look at each fund, and how each country invests in them.  The line chart on the top shows how much each country owns of that fund, and the line chart on the bottom shows us how much each country invested in that fund throughout the year. It may be hard to compare initially due to the large amount of companies represented on these plots, but hovering over each line will show the country name and how much was invested.

The final set of plots gives us an in depth look at how each country ranks in the amount of assets owned. The top bar plot illustrates rank of each country with respect to the selected fund. The bottom bar plot shows us the rank of the top five countries aggregated over all fund types for that particular year. It is interesting to note that the leader in a particular fund may not lead in the sum of all funds.

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