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Huy Tran
Posted on Oct 25, 2017


How much is an IT job making in the market? What is the overall current market demand for such position and relevant skillset? Which states have the highest needs for the job?

Those questions are often asked by IT Recruitment Agencies and HR Heads who are looking for IT resources. In addition, an IT professional would also want to see the Job Payment Report for their Job Title which would help them determine their worth on the market value, and so they will have a plan to keep up with the market demands.

Data scraped from IT recruitment websites was analyzed and a Shiny app was created to answer the questions above. I will continue collecting more data and improve the accuracy in the near future.

You can get your questions answered with my Shiny IT Job Payment Statistic App by following the link here.

Application Overview

IT Jobs Payment Statistic - Dashboard

  • From the left panel, enter a brief job title. If you're uncertain about a full title, you can start with first keyword, e.g. "developer", "java", "manager", etc., and the app will show a Word Cloud suggesting other supporting words to be combined around the keyword so that you can have a more accurate Job Title that you'd like to have an analysis for.
  • The radio buttons let you select the Payment Unit of your interest, including "Annual", "Per Hour", "Per Daily", "Per Week" where the actual data is available. Otherwise, they are converted to "Annual Equivalent" rate.

Technical Highlight: Packages Used: "shinydashboard", "wordcloud","googleVis", "ggplot2", "tm", "dplyr"

The Statistical Charts

Payment Rate Over Time

 Payment Statistic

This bar chart shows you the past job posts and the associated payment rates.

The data points are grouped by the Employment Type, including Contract, Contract to Hire, and Direct Hire, and the Payment linear trends of each group.


Direct Hire Payment Statistic

This chart only shows the Direct Hire data and its trend.

Technical highlight: This chart is plotted by "ggplot2".

Average Payment Rate by State

Average Payment by States

This bar chart shows the Average Payment Rate of jobs with the Job Title for each state.

In addition, it also shows you the number of the Job Posts in each State so you can have the insight of what the Average Payment is based on, and the demand for the Job Title.

Technical highlight: This chart is plotted by "googleVis".

Dashboard Charts

The app also contains charts which provide you with more insights about the Demand, the Payment Range, and the Payment Update Trend over the past time period from 2013 to 2016.


The Data Snapshot

Snapshot of the Data

You can access to my Shiny IT Job Payment Statistic App by following the link here.

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