Akshit Arora
Posted on Jun 13, 2018

Movie Browser is here to help you discover new movies to watch, in a lot of different ways. You’ll be able to browse everything from new movies, Documentaries and TV shows, to the best movies in the 1970's.
The app lets you see the Critics, IMDB and Audience score of all feature films, TV shows and documentaries.
The main motivation for this project was to have most of the Films, Tv Shows and documentaries all in one place with their reviews according to different genres.


For every successful movie, Tv show or a Documentary, the critics score is really important in comparison to its run time as according to a survey most people do not like movies more than 150 mins which can also be seen in the above graph as few movie above 140-150 mins have a low score by the critics.


For making any app successful, it should be easy and comfortable for the user to retrieve information. The search option does exactly as stated above, it allows user's to search their desired films and get information like Genre, Run Time, Ratings, Production studio and the Release date.


IMDB(Internet Movie Database) is the most searched website on the internet today to retrieve movie stats as their reviews about a film are the most trusted one's in the market today, which have a direct impact on the success of a movie. Therefore, if users could get one app where they get all the information about a movie and reviews from IMDB, MPAA and Audience score; I think this would make the user experience much easier, comfortable and save time.

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lemur June 13, 2018
Great, but maybe some link or source code?

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