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Xu Huang
Posted on Aug 13, 2018

This is a Web Scraping project for the review of different moving truck rental companies, using Selenium, python and R. The Moving101 website provides useful knowledge and tips for different types of moving, and moving cost estimations.

The main method used for scraping web information is Selenium because the customer reviews must be updated by "load more" button. There are five companies on the website with customer reviews, however U-Haul, Penske and Budget are the 3 main companies to provide enough reviews.

The moving bussiness has strong strong seasonal feature. Here the calendar heat map clearly shows that April to October are the moving season, reaching the peak in July.

Among all the reviews with complete entries, Penske has the highest costomer ratings. If pay a closer look at the rating vs moving distance, we can see that Penske has nearly ~75% long-distance moving, meanwhile receives highest rating, indicating that their trucks have higher quality and customer service is reliable.

To specify the pro's and con's among customer reviews, the word clouds below are differed by high-score comments and low-score comments. Here the low-score comments reveals that the main problem in U-Haul service is that they have problem to deliver the truck to desired location.

To know more about my project, welcome to my my GitHub account

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