R Shiny Apps Demo Meetup - Data Science Bootcamp Winter 2016

Posted on Feb 25, 2016
On the night of February 16th, we hosted a Shiny Apps Demo Meetup, where six of our bootcamp students presented their apps to the data science community. These apps, created in R programming language, were completed by students during the 4th week of the program. The event was a big success - the attendees were very impressed and engaged, inspiring a couple of in-depth discussions throughout the event.

Here are the students who presented their apps:
Wendy Yu: Interactive data visualization of gender pay gap in the United States   (Video)
Christopher Redino: Health Indicators and Geographic Factors   (Video)
Michael Todisco: MLB 2012 Attendance    (Video)
Brett Amdur: Understanding Regression Diagnostics: An Introduction    (Video)
Sricharan Maddineni:Investigating Airport Connectedness    (Video)
Amy Ma: How AirBnB is in NYC?    (Video)

You can read the app instructions and play around with them here. Enjoy!

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