Flight Delay Visualization for 8 Airlines in the United States

Chuanhao Nie
Posted on Sep 29, 2018

1.Definition of delay

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a flight is considered to be delayed when it is 15 minutes later than its scheduled time.

2.Why do this project

Help travelers to choose an Airline based on the flight delay records of 8 Airlines in 2008, include: American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Jetblue Airlines, Delta Air lines, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

3.How to utilize this app

This app contains several important tabs, include: Map, Airline and Data Table.

1)Map: Users can have a sense of flight traffic in the United States.



Uses are able to compare monthly flight delay, include the number of delay and time of delay, between different airlines.

2.1) Number of Delay


2.2) Time of Delay

3)Data Table

Users can find detail information for each flight delay by selecting airline, departure airport and arrive airport.



4.Future Work

  • This project only considers one factor that leads to flight delay, the carrier. However, there are other factors which lead to flight delay, such as weather, late aircraft and security, which will be included in the future work.
  • The dataset only includes the record of 2008, I will find more data records from different years to make the analysis more convincing.

My shiny app is here. To know more about my project, please visit my Github.



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