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Posted on Jun 28, 2019


As technology grows and globalization develops, more and more consumers are using airplanes as their mode of transportation. They have many choices when it comes to flying, there are many airlines in the U.S. competing with each other, the study is using shiny to see feedbacks consumers gave on Twitter. The data set is from Kaggle, it collected more than 14,000 tweets during the month of February 2015 with their reviews on 6 major U.S. airlines at the time. The data includes an overall rating which can be negative, positive or neutral along with their comments. The link for the Shiny application is on and the link fo the code is on


First I created a graph that shows the difference of amounts of reviews by 3 levels of rating, we can see that most of the tweets were negative. After that, I created 2 graphs to see how each individual airlines are doing. We can see that United Airlines has the most reviews but it also has the highest negative percentage rate while Virgin America has the least amount of reviews but has the lowest negative rate.

By Airlines

Next, I did an analysis on each airline by using three different charts to show the passenger's reviews online in different shapes of form.

By Words

After that, I used comments that users used on their post and collected keywords to see what are the most critical reasons people didn't enjoy their experience. First I did a word count for each airline, after that I did a heat map, fowling by world clouds of each airline negative reviews. 

By Location

After that I used IP addresses that came with the data set for each tweet and created a map to see where are the users located at. We can see that majority is from North America and some of them are from Europe and a small amount is from Southeast Asia. 


After the project I was able to gain some insights:

  • Most of the Internet users did not enjoy their experiences with major US airlines.
  • The best airline in the six is Virgin America and the worst one is United Airlines.
  • The top three reasons for negative reviews are bad customer service, delay, and cancellations.

This project helped me answered questions I had before, and I look forward to expanding it in the future.

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