Big Data in a Small Package - Building a Raspberry Pi Cluster for Hadoop and Spark

Scott Edenbaum
Posted on May 6, 2017

Q) What can we do with 5 Raspberry Pi 3 computers?

A) Setup a Jupyter Notebook Environment Tied to a Hadoop/Spark Cluster.

Follow along for detailed instructions!

April 27, 2017

Raspberry Pi 'Bramble' Cluster (The Embedded Linux Wiki says a Bramble is defined as "a Beowulf cluster of Raspberry Pi devices")

This is the first of a three part post regarding my latest project - a Raspberry Pi 3 cluster I created to run a fully distributed version of Hadoop & Spark.


(For those eagle-eyed readers who noticed that there are only 4 Pi's in this picture, I have the 5th Pi in an individual case - outside of the frame)

What is a Raspberry Pi 3 and why should I care?

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a UK based nonprofit that focuses on promoting basic computer science in schools and in developing countries. Since 2014 the Raspberry Pi Foundation created a series of small single-board computers, and released their latest flagship model, the Raspberry Pi Model 3 in February 2016 for $35.


Continue to Page 2 for Specifications, Project Details & Motivations!

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Jair June 13, 2017
Hi Scott, Thanks for posting. As a heads up, "sudo pip3 install ipython3" didn't work for me. However, "sudo pip3 install ipython" seems to work fine. Jair