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Predicting clicks in mobile advertising: An experiment
Introduction  Advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry that acts as a bridge between companies and their customers. While...
Kathryn Bryant
Paul Ton
M. Aaron Owen
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Posted on December 21, 2017
Build up a near real time Twitter streaming analytical pipeline from scratch using Spark and AWS
  Introduction: This blog is about the technical implementation of streaming analysis pipeline in our capstone project: Creating...
Posted on August 20, 2017
A Hybrid Recommender with Yelp Challenge Data -- Part II
Part II: Building Our Pipeline: Kafka, Spark, & Flask In Part I of our blog post, we covered the...
A Hybrid Recommender with Yelp Challenge Data -- Part I
This is the first part of the Yelper_Helper capstone project blog post. Please find the second part here....
Creating a Real-time Streaming Analytical Platform to manage social media marketing campaign
Motivation and Vision The goal of the project was to provide actionable, scalable and data-driven insights to marketing...