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Analyzing trends in the video Gaming Industry
Motivation: Within the last decade we have seen major shifts in the way games are dispensed to consumers....
Posted on February 21, 2018
Explanatory value of Exit Velocity data
Overview Beginning with the 2015 season, Major League Baseball began capturing and publishing Statcast data, which uses state...
Posted on February 20, 2018
Mushroom: a fungal growth that typically takes the form of a domed cap on a stalk, often with...
Posted on February 20, 2018
Holy ICO!
Initial Coin Offerings, commonly referred to as “ICOs”, have gained popularity over the last year.  ICOs are a...
Posted on February 19, 2018
Nike Air Jordan vs. Adidas Yeezy: Why do some sneakers sell more than others?
1. Introduction and the Business Problem In the sneaker world, the two big names "Nike" and "Adidas" are...
Posted on February 18, 2018
Web Scraping Yelp to Explore Bars/Pubs in NY
Bars of NYC Analyzing the Bars and Pubs of New York reviewed in Yelp to have a better...
Sal Lascano
Posted on February 18, 2018
NYC's Seven Major Felonies - What, Where, and When
 Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times My Motivation Even though people in New York City are street-smart, crime...
Posted on February 5, 2018
New York City Motor Vehicle Collision Data Visualization
Everybody loves New York City. Nobody likes car accidents. Why bother look at the motor vehicle collision data?...
Hua Yang
Posted on February 5, 2018
Exploratory Data Analysis of CRE Valuation Metrics
Introduction “The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected...
Raj Tiwari
Posted on February 4, 2018
Understanding The Drivers Of CTR In Mobile Display Advertising
Introduction: According to the Wireless Association’s Website (, there were approximately 255.4 million American wireless subscribers, representing a...
R-Shiny : Analyzing Play By Play Data from The 2016 NFL Season
Background: The first project of the NYC Data Science bootcamp was to create a Shiny Web App using...
Dev Dabbara
Posted on December 15, 2017
Making sense of scraped Reddit commentary using NLP techniques.
Why would I do this? Any institution’s lifeblood rests upon agents from the outside. Like any organism, external...
Posted on November 8, 2017
Scraping - A Closer Look at NYC's Doctors
Introduction About RateMDs is an extensive online resource that aims to provide potential patients with valuable information...
Posted on October 29, 2017
IT Jobs Payment Statistics
Motivation How much is an IT job making in the market? What is the overall current market demand...
Huy Tran
Posted on October 25, 2017
ATP Data Visualization - Identifying the Great Players of Tomorrow
Introduction The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) is the premier professional men’s tennis league and is one of...
Henry Crosby
Posted on October 16, 2017
Are the workers safe in the US?
Introduction: Why should we be concerned about job safety and health? I would like to answer with one...
Neuton Fonseca
Posted on October 14, 2017
Allstate Claims Severity - Predictive Analytics
Introduction Allstate claims severity was a Kaggle competition that was open in 2016. The objective of this competition...
Posted on August 30, 2017
BEAT THE BOOKS | An Exploratory Data Analysis into NFL Statistics
INTRODUCTION The mission: making more informed, “better” decisions when placing wagers on NFL football games. In order to...
Andre Toujas
Posted on August 29, 2017
DC-Area Commuting 2009 vs. 2015 using shiny
For the past several years, I've noticed the commuting time increase due to worse congestion in the DC area. A news report coming...
Posted on June 25, 2017