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Some Simple Observations of Used Cars on U.S. Market
This project aims to survey and observe some simple but interesting patterns based on the data collected for...
Posted on February 19, 2018
Dubai International Airport Flights Analysis - Scraping project
Dubai International Airport is the busiest airport of the year! Is it a blessing or a curse? As...
Fatima Hamdan
Posted on February 19, 2018
Nike Air Jordan vs. Adidas Yeezy: Why do some sneakers sell more than others?
1. Introduction and the Business Problem In the sneaker world, the two big names "Nike" and "Adidas" are...
Posted on February 18, 2018
Biodiversity in U.S. National Parks
The National Park Service is responsible for preserving the ecological communities found in our country’s national parks. The...
Posted on February 5, 2018
Visualizing Foursquare Check-Ins: Insights about New Yorkers through the lens of Foursquare data
Introduction "Are you listening?", I asked my best friend as she tapped the screen of her space grey...
Posted on February 5, 2018
Visualizing Clinical Trial Operations in Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer
Background Clinical trials are experiments or observations done in clinical research. Clinical Trials are designed for participants to participate in...
Xiao Jia
Posted on February 5, 2018
NYC's Seven Major Felonies - What, Where, and When
 Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times My Motivation Even though people in New York City are street-smart, crime...
Posted on February 5, 2018
NYC Real Estate Analytics - Manhattan 2017
Overview   'When it comes to real estate business, choosing the 'real deal' is the hardest step!' Investors...
Fatima Hamdan
Posted on February 5, 2018
Exploring Jim Cramer's Stock Recommendations Via
Introduction: As a casual investor, I have always been interested in making more data-driven investment decisions. It is...
Michael Chuang
Posted on January 14, 2018
Scraping Groupon!
Introduction Everyone loves saving money. We all try to make the most of our money, and sometimes it’s...
Nicholas Maloof
Posted on January 13, 2018
An Analysis of 311 Complaint Data
    Background: Beginning in 2010,  NYC launched an initiative to expose government data via NYC Open Data in an...
Michael Chuang
Posted on December 28, 2017
Don't Know Much About History: Visualizing the Scale of Major 20th Century Conflicts (Details)
Check out the code here while you read the article.   Executive Summary: I used advanced programming features...
Posted on November 10, 2017
Alumni Spotlight: Claire Keser, Senior Analyst at Casper
Claire Keser is currently a Senior Analyst on the Data Analytics team at Casper, a startup that disrupted...
Posted on November 1, 2017
Topic Modeling and User Clustering on Internet Discussion Forums - A Case Study
Overview Internet forums or message boards are online discussion sites. They're used for a variety of purposes, including...
Paul Ton
Posted on October 30, 2017
Steam: Maximizing Profit on Digital Goods
OK, pop quiz: can you tell me what this is? Why yes, it is a visual representation of how a price...
Ben Brunson
Posted on October 29, 2017
Citibike Business Opportunity: Advertising
Introduction It is hard to wander around New York City without seeing rows of dozens of bright blue...
Josh Yoon
Posted on October 16, 2017
San Francisco Restaurant Inspection Analysis and Visualization
Introduction Starting 2012, jurisdictions across the country including San Francisco have begun publishing health inspection scores on Yelp...
Hans Lau
Posted on October 15, 2017
Insights into the world of Cyber Attacks by Scraping Hackmageddon
You must have heard it on the news: “Country X accuses country Y of launching a cyber attack...
Nachiket Patel
Posted on September 16, 2017
Scraping TripAdvisor for Airlines' Customer Reviews
Contributed by Mustafa Koroglu. He is currently enrolled in the NYC Data Science Academy remote bootcamp program taking...
Mustafa Koroglu
Posted on August 5, 2017