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Start with basics with an introduction to Python and advance to comprehensive introduction to data science with Python. Customize your learning path to excel in Machine Learning, Data Analysis and Visualization with Python by choosing a combination of language basics including numpy, scipy, pandas, matplotlib, and seaborn. After successfully completing this bundle, you will be able to analyze complex datasets and make predictions in Python.

Data Science with Python

This is a class for computer-literate people with no programming background who wish to learn basic Python programming. The course is aimed at those who want to learn β€œdata wrangling” – manipulating downloaded files to make them amenable to analysis. We concentrate on language basics such as list and string manipulation, control structures, simple data analysis packages, and introduce modules for downloading data from the web.

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This class is a comprehensive introduction to data science with Python programming language. This class targets people who have some basic knowledge of programming and want to take it to the next level. It introduces how to work with different data structures in Python and covers the most popular data analytics and visualization modules, including numpy, scipy, pandas, matplotlib, and seaborn. We use Ipython notebook to demonstrate the results of codes and change codes interactively throughout the class.

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This 20-hour Machine Learning with Python course covers all the basic machine learning methods and Python modules (especially Scikit-Learn) for implementing them. The five sessions cover: simple and multiple Linear regressions; classification methods including logistic regression, discriminant analysis and naive bayes, support vector machines (SVMs) and tree based methods; cross-validation and feature selection; regularization; principal component analysis (PCA) and clustering algorithms. After successfully completing of this course, you will be able to explain the principles of machine learning algorithms and implement these methods to analyze complex datasets and make predictions in Python.

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