Remote Data Science Bootcamp

Top-ranked, most comprehensive, 1–on–1 expert support

Remote Data Science Bootcamp is different than other online data science bootcamps. What we focus on is:

A Complete curriculum. There are tons of data science resources online, yet you don’t know what to study. Our curriculum is drawn from data science engagement with corporate consulting and training, hiring partners and active industry participation. We know exactly which technologies you should be learning to be competitive in the job market, so you’ll graduate with everything you need to land a job as data scientist.

High engagement and completion rate. Open online courses have a very low completion rate, often close to 10%, and an even lower understanding of the material at the end of the course. Our remote bootcamp ensures that students achieve a very high level of proficiency. Students are expected to dedicate themselves fully to this program and fulfill all the requirements, which include completing lecture videos, daily homework, and five projects.

Thorough interaction and support. Our applicants consistently tell us about their disappointment with not having personal support in other online programs. The Remote Bootcamp is built as a collaborative environment utilizing online chat and meeting systems so students get their questions answered immediately by instructors and TA’s. Students also have the opportunity to collaborate on homework, projects, job applications, interview preparation, paired programming, and even further through our extended alumni community .

Amazing job placement assistance. We work closely with hiring partners and recruiting firms to create a pipeline of interests for students. Each student receives one-on-one support with job searching and access to all kinds of job assistance resources.

How does the Remote Data Science Bootcamp work?

Remote Data Science Bootcamp provides a comprehensive set of materials you will leverage during the course, including lecture videos, slides, homework and solutions, code reviews, jump-start sessions, and a selection of guest speaker talks.

You are required to dedicate yourself fully to this 12-week program. Students must complete lectures based on finely tuned schedules and complete homework daily. Throughout the program students work alone and in teams to create at least five projects.

The program starts with basic programming and data analysis with R and Python and then transitions to machine learning and big data techniques. As you master these subjects you will create five real-world data science projects that demonstrate your knowledge and skills of these topics. Examples of past and current student projects

One–on–One paired coding, tutoring, mentorship and project support is provided through online chat and video meetings with instructors.

We work closely with each student on job searching from Day 1. Career support includes but is not limited to coding reviews, interview prep, resume workshop, and access to our exclusive hiring partner network.


Our bootcamp is renowned the depth and breadth of the curriculum, the richness of the lectures in both programming and statistics, and for its demanding nature. We are the only data science bootcamp that teaches not just Python but also R, Hadoop, and Spark. This bootcamp is probably the most intense program you’ll ever take, but you will get out of the program as much as you put into it.

We are also among the highest ranked Data Science programs on and SwitchUp.

Choose your mode

Full-Time Intensive
Full-Time (Mon - Fri, 30-35 hours/week)
Complete within 12 weeks
5 projects portfolio
Pair programming
1-on-1 TA support and project feedback
Career support
Part-Time Flexible
Self-paced (10-25 hours/week)
Complete within 4, 6, or 10 months
5 projects portfolio
Pair programming
1-on-1 TA support and project feedback
Career support

Online classroom features

All–in–one autograding platform

With autograding tools embedded, you get immediate feedback from your work, saving lots of time from submitting homework and waiting for answers. The autograder supports multiple languages, including R, Python, MySQL, and Bash. You also have access to our dynamic set of exercises, datasets, and resources without leaving the workspace. Error­ highlighting and auto­completion make it easier to correct your code and avoid misspellings.

Group work and community support

Our online community ensures you never work alone. A large portion of our curriculum involves group projects and peer programming. You’ll collaborate with your classmates on projects and share knowledge via online chat and community channels. You’ll check and learn from others’ codes, and build the team skills needed in a real working environment.

Work 1-on-1 with your mentor

Throughout your journey, our teaching assistants are available to answer your questions via 1­on­1 appointments and our help desk

Fund your future

Total Tuition
$16, 000
Financing Option

We partner with Skills Fund, an innovative financing company who offers fixed interest rates on 3- and 5-year loans, regardless of current income, employment, or educational background. Learn More.

What our students say:

Shin Chin
Senior Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton
I am really enjoying taking the NYC Data Science Academy data science bootcamp remotely. I find their online classroom and materials very effective for learning the fundamentals of data science. I interact frequently with the TA assigned to me. The TA is very helpful, competent and knowledgable. I would definitely recommend the online version of the bootcamp.

Our bootcamp graduates work at these firms: