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Beginner’s Guide to Data Science

Zeyu Zhang
Bootcamp Coordinator @ NYC Data Science Academy
Panelist Spotlight

Zeyu earned his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at New York University. With a strong background in object-oriented programming and a solid understanding of machine learning algorithms, he helps virtual and physical machines evolve. Zeyu prides himself on being a versatile professional as he thrives on solving problems that require multiple skills, including Python, C++, R, SQL, C#, HTML/CSS, or JavaScript. At his leisure, he likes to swim to keep himself active since retiring from his short-lived amateur basketball career.

The course demo will discuss the basics of data science tools and resources that you can use when you first introduce yourself to data science.
Both programmers who are looking to expand their data toolkit and non-programmers who do not have any coding experience, are invited to join. To take advantage of the hands-on portions of the lecture, it is recommended that students have installed Anaconda with Python 3.7.
What to expect: In the first part of the info session, we will give you an overview of what makes NYC Data Science Academy different. You will learn how to prepare for the Bootcamp, what to learn, and the application process.
About NYC Data Science Academy
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