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Data Analysis with Pandas

Sam Audino
NYC Data Science Academy Bootcamp Instructor
Panelist Spotlight

Sam obtained their Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Bard College, while dabbling in some computer science classes along the way. After school, they decided to make a break from traditional academic life, and worked for several years doing carpentry for places like West Elm, and events like Shakespeare in the Park. Eventually they would turn to the field of Data Science, wherein a passionate blend of creative and analytical thinking can lead to some robust outcomes. They’ve worked in industry building models for Fortune 500 companies that ease the hiring process, and allow for interviewees to be more than just their resume. Their interests include reading, sewing, carpentry, painting, understanding systems, and communicating information effectively to others.

Data Analysis with Pandas

|March 9, 2022|

Discuss popular Python coding conventions and learn how to incorporate them with data into your work to increase your code's readability. As programmers, we try to write elegant code. This is for the benefit of those who may read and use our code in the future, including ourselves. As the PEP8 guide states, one of the key insights from Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python, is that "code is read much more often than it is written." Readability is one of the essential qualities of beautiful code.  

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