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Data Science Strategy and Mindset

Wenchang Qian
Founder at Tardigray
Panelist Spotlight

Wenchang, a data science engineer, specializes in building end-to-end, data-driven products for small- to medium-sized businesses primarily in the marketing and real estate industries. Prior to that, he spent three and a half years analyzing real estate markets as a consultant helping institutional clients value, strategize, and reposition their real estate assets. He is also currently establishing a startup together with accountability communities to help job seekers apply for work while struggling with internet distractions and self-doubt.

Data Science Strategy and Mindset on July 2nd, 2021

NYC Data Science Academy Alumnus, Wenchang Qian, will give a talk focused on helping new data science professionals adopt the right mindset, understand best practices, and clear up some of the confusion associated with data science projects. Join us to become better prepared for practical real-world data science projects amid the current industry climate where many corporations are encountering challenges in monetizing and productionizing data science projects.
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