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How I became a Data Science Senior Consultant @ EY

David Dai
Data Science Senior Consultant @ EY
Panelist Spotlight

David Dai currently serves as the Senior Consultant @Β  Earnest&Young (EY). He holds a Masters’ degree in Statics from the University of Virginia and another Master in Analytics from the Institute of Advanced Analytics. David is also an alumnus from NYC Data Science Academy from 2016.

Entering into data science field can be new and fun. But it is a challenging process for most people, even for those with a STEM background. In this talk, David will share his experience of learning at the Bootcamp, as well as his time working as a technology consultant at EY. He will also discuss certain knowledge and skills that he believes are the next key areas to focus on. TLDR: Guidance for people to get better prepared for data science consulting. You may like this talk if you: 1) Are transitioning to a career in data science 2) Are planning to enter the data science field 3) Are interested in the life of a technology consultant 4) Want to learn more about insights of NYC Data Science Academy   Our next Bootcamps start soon, check our offerings HERE.
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