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Interactive Dashboard of Geographical Mortgage Data Analysis

Gopal โ€œSharathโ€ Sharathchandra
Senior Vice President at PNC Financial Services
Panelist Spotlight

Gopal โ€œSharathโ€ Sharathchandra is a data and analytics executive with 25 years

experience in financial services with particular expertise in consumer/mortgage credit risk analytics, credit risk modeling, model implementation and technology as well as model-based process execution. He has held leadership positions as Director of Risk Management @ Capital One, Senior Director of Credit Portfolio Management @ Freddie Mac, Advisor & Head of Treasury Client Solutions @ Asian Development Bank and most recently at PNC Financial Services from where he is currently on a leave of absence. He has a B.Tech in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, a M.S. in Statistics from Stanford University and a Phd in Finance from the University of California, Berkeley. Sharath is very excited to be adding data science and machine learning to his skills and will be making these the main focus of his career.


Interactive Dashboard of Geographic Mortgage Data Analysis with SVP, PNC Financial Services - Gopal โ€œSharathโ€ Sharathchandra on July 16th, 2021

ย Gopal โ€œSharathโ€ Sharathchandra, a recent graduate of the NYC Data Science Fellow and Senior Executive at PNC Financial Services, will provide insights on how to aggregate and analyze mortgage data geographically using the Freddie Mac single family loan level dataset, HUD Crosswalk files and Census Bureau data. The analysis made in the R Shiny App focuses on aggregation at the level of the top 20 US metros (defined as combined statistical areas or CSAs) but similar analysis related to mortgage originations or performance can be done at other levels of aggregation such as census tracts, counties or congressional districts.
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