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Justin ‘AI’ Bieber Sings “We All Love Data Science”

Vinod Chugani
Data Science Academy Student
Panelist Spotlight

I am currently a Data Science Fellow at the New York City Data Science Academy. I have a decade of experience on Wall Street (in Fixed Income) and a decade on Main Street (where I ran my own distribution business). I hope to spend the next decade immersing myself in roles involving data science and machine learning.

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has outperformed humans at increasingly complex tasks. From competitive games like Chess, Jeopardy, and Go to intricate undertakings such as facial and speech recognition, AI has risen to the challenge. The question is, could AI perform as well when it's not just a matter of following rules but at creating something original like writing a song?

Watch the video to experience how AI can be used for music generation. We will be using Justin ‘AI’ Bieber and the hit song, “We All Love Data Science” as an example to portray the potential of AI in the music industry. 


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