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Opportunities at KPMG Digital Lighthouse

Peter Tsyurmasto
Senior Associate at KPMG's Digital Lighthouse
Panelist Spotlight

Peter Tsyurmasto is currently a Data Scientist @Digital Lighthouse at KPMG. Before KPMG, Peter worked as a quant researcher at Deutsche Bank and a leading systematic hedge fund. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Operations Research from the University of Florida, and an M.S., B.S. in Applied Math & Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Peter is an alumnus of NYC Data Science Academy (summer-2019 cohort).

NYC Data Science Academy Career Development | Opportunities at KPMG Digital Lighthouse on May 21st, 2021 KPMG’s Digital Lighthouse offers great opportunities for Data & Analytics Consultant, Data & Analytics Modeler, Data Scientist, Big Data Software Engineer. Would like to know how to further navigate your career with them? Watch the recap! NYC Data Science Academy Alumnus, Peter Tsyurmasto, will be introducing KPMG’s Digital Lighthouse, a Center of Excellence for Analytics & AI. In his presentation, Peter will share his experience as a data scientist at KPMG’s Digital Lighthouse and give an overview of the Digital Lighthouse community, technical and business problems they solve, supported industries, job opportunities, and what KPMG looks for in candidates.
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