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Python & R Data Science Project Showcase by Ethan Zien

Ethan Zien
Senior Data Solutions Analyst at Social Code
Panelist Spotlight

Data Analyst with a background in Social Media Advertising and a strong interest in sports analytics


Python & R Data Science Project Showcase | Come and Learn with us on April 14th, 2021

Join us for an exclusive data science project showcase session from our NYC Data Science Academy alumnus and Senior Data Solutions Analyst, Ethan Zien. Hone your skills to comprehend and manage the upcoming challenges in Data Science, and pick up a handful of practicable ideas for your upcoming projects.

Project Description:

R Shiny App Project - Used Car Sales

Using what factors have the greatest impact on the sale price of used cars. With used car sales data from eBay looked primarily at the impact of the year of the car and mileage as well as car-specific factors such as the drive type. Also built out an interactive shiny app so users can analyze on their own.

Python Web Scraping Project - MLB MVP Voting

Using Python and Scrapy scraped MVP voting data from and did an analysis on which factors had the greatest impact on voting. Focused on older traditional stats (average/home runs/rbi) vs modern advanced stats(war). Looked into how the importance of certain stats has changed over time.

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