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Readability Counts: Best Practices in Python Coding

Alex Baransky
Instructor at NYC Data Science Academy
Panelist Spotlight

Alex received his B.A. in Environmental Biology fromΒ Columbia University. He has experience with multiple computer languages including Python, R, and SQL. He has worked on many projects including one where he scraped movie critic reviews from RottenTomatoes to make a movie recommendation system. Alex is passionate about animal behavior and finding innovative ways to use data science in the field of biology.

Discuss popular Python coding conventions and learn how to incorporate them into your work to increase your code's readability.

As programmers, we try to write elegant code. This is for the benefit of those who may read and use our code in the future, including ourselves. As the PEP8 guide states, one of the key insights from Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python, is that "code is read much more often than it is written." Readability is one of the essential qualities of beautiful code. Let's discuss popular Python coding conventions, and learn how to incorporate them into your work to increase your code's readability. This session will cover styles that will help you write code that is more conducive to collaboration, which will make you more attractive as a candidate or colleague in the industry.

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