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Visualizing Information Like a (Designer) Data Scientist

Oren Ross
NYC Data Science Academy Guest Speaker
Panelist Spotlight

Oren is an instructor and bootcamp coordinator at NYC Data Science Academy. He has taught courses on a multitude of topics, in online and in-person environments. He holds degrees in statistics, education, and technology. Prior to joining NYC Data Science Academy, he was a PhD candidate in Cognitive Science in Education at Columbia University. He has a strong opinion about visualizations, specifically pie charts.

One of the most important skills of a data scientist is properly communicating concepts. Perhaps, the best way is through visualizations. In this webinar, we will look at multiple types of visualizations and analyze why some work and others do not. This will include an explanation of when to use specific types of visualizations, what are important features to consider when creating them, and best practices in designing them.

Learn how to visualize information like a data scientist. No coding, statistical, machine learning, or visualization experience is required to attend.


- NYC Data Science Academy Overview

- What is a good visualization?

- How to decide which visualization to use

- Best practices when creating visualizations

- Creating a great visualization


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