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Python Coding and #AMA Session

Alex Baransky
Instructor at NYC Data Science Academy
Panelist Spotlight

Alex received his B.A. in Environmental Biology from Columbia University. He has experience with multiple computer languages including Python, R, and SQL. He has worked on many projects including one where he scraped movie critic reviews from RottenTomatoes to make a movie recommendation system. Alex is passionate about animal behavior and finding innovative ways to use data science in the field of biology.

Web Scraping | Python Coding and #AMA Session on April 1st, 2021

Join us for an exclusive data science project showcase session! You will code in Python with our experienced NYC Data Science Academy Data Science Instructor, Alex Baransky, for a Web Scraping project. Hone your skills to comprehend and manage the upcoming challenges in Data Science, and pick up a handful of practical ideas for your upcoming projects.

Project Description:

Collecting data is a crucial step when beginning a data analysis project. Very often we may want to collect additional data for our project, however relevant data is not always available in a format that is immediately usable. Web scraping is a popular technique used to extract data from websites that we can then save to an analysis-friendly format, such as a CSV file. There are many different approaches we can choose from to perform web scraping, one of the most popular is to combine the requests and the BeautifulSoup packages. See how we can use requests and BeautifulSoup in tandem to create a data set from scratch which we can then use to perform data analysis. We will scrape information from the popular site to retrieve information about new movie releases. After the coding portion, there is a Q&A about web scraping tools and practices.

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