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Vivian Zhang

Founder of NYC Data Science Academy

I love Data Mining and Visualization.  I also organize NYC Open Data Meetup. Contact me either by vivian.zhang@supstat.com or 646-926-3881.

Write to me for any questions!

I am here to help, write to vivian.zhang@nycdatascience.com

Scott Kostyshak

5th year Econ PhD at Princeton Univ.

Mary DiPerna

Mary DiPerna



“ The D3 class was a great intro to the library. After finishing the class I can create simple data visualizations (bar, line, scatter, chloropleth, etc) and know some more advanced concepts (brushing, reusable charts). I also know enough about how the library works to continue learning on my own. I’d recommend coming in with some JavaScript knowledge as that will help you grasp the concepts quicker.

Morgan Polotan, commented on April 13, 2014

Morgan Polotan, Software Engineer at Tapad
Annaliese Wiederspahn

Super helpful. Vivian is a fantastic teacher. She really pushes everyone to dig in and start solving problems.

Annaliese commented on Nov 24, 2013

Annaliese Wiederspahn, Data Reporter at The New York World
David Romoff

I took the Introductory R five week class offered in Winter 2013. It was a great learning experience. The class time alternated between presentation and practice which was extremely valuable because allowed time to practice and digest the material. It was a very generous amount of resources provided. Thanks.

David commented on Jan 21, 2014

David Romoff, Analyst at AIG

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