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Learn R, Python, Hadoop and Spark in just 12 weeks, while enjoying our support as we help you lift your career


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You will develop expertise in R, Python, Hadoop and Spark in just 12 weeks, while enjoying our support as we help you lift your career

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Bootstrap your
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  • Kelly Mejia Breton
    Kelly Mejia Breton
    Associate Director, Marketing Science
    NYC Data Science Academy (NYCDSA) provided the platform to pursue my dream career.  The curriculum is well thought out, with detailed notes, hands-on projects, and great hiring partners. NYCDSA gave me the tools to be come a data scientist, and the exposure to land the job.  Truly one of the best investments I have ever made!
  • Wendy Yu
    Wendy Yu
    Business Intelligence Modeler
    This is an awesome program you will not regret attending! I was in the Jan-April 2016 cohort. The course covers everything you need to know to apply for data scientist jobs. We started from the fundamental of stats in R, and moved into machine learning in both R and Python. In the last two weeks we also got a fair exposure to big data tools like Hadoop and Spark. The instructors we have are AMAZING!!! They are super knowledgeable and also very passionate about data science. TAs are the most hard working group of people I know! They really try their best to help you. Students at the bootcamp are impressive as well. Most of them either have a phd degree or have significant/successful work experiences prior to joining the bootcamp. We did five projects during the bootcamp which you can totally show off during your job interviews! And you will have a least a few job interviews guaranteed during/after the bootcamp. They really tried their hardest to help you preparing and securing job interviews. I personally had at least 5 interviews while I was still in the bootcamp, and was hired only two weeks after the bootcamp ended. The program wasn’t easy, you will have a ton of homework and projects to do, but they are always there to support and help you. I would recommend this 12 weeks bootcamp to anyone who wants to be a data scientist or simply interested in data science.
  • Christopher Redino
    Christopher Redino
    Lead Data Scientist
    I chose NYCDSA over similar bootcamps because they seemed to have largest breadth of content and also seemed to be the most challenging, and I believe they delivered in both those aspects. You will learn a lot, and you will be challenged, even if you come into the bootcamp with some experience in data science. The lectures themselves are very engaging, and the instructors are very knowledgeable. The course content (slides, lecture code, homework, etc) are not only excellent for learning the material, but I think they will also be valuable references going forward. I feel the bootcamp has prepared me well for my job search. I had several interviews set up before the bootcamp had ended, and my first offer a few weeks after that. I'm confident that if I want to interview with more companies that NYCDSA can help to make this happen.  Employers are interested in the projects I've done with the bootcamp, so I can get their attention, and the course material has trained me in the areas they are likely to test me on during interviews.
  • John Montroy
    John Montroy
    Data Scientist
    Before I enrolled in the Data Science Academy's 12-week data science program, I had spent nearly a year exploring data science with almost nothing to show for it. Coursera, books, Kaggle, you name it. A bit discouraged and overwhelmed, I began the data science program with high hopes for strong teachers, a great community, and a rigorous crash course on all things data science. I got all that and more. Proof: I recently began a new job, and was able to hit the ground running on literally every front the company threw at me. Statistics and algorithms? Check. R programming? NYCDSA took us through almost all the packages my new company uses regularly. Python? Same deal as R. Infrastructure, AWS, distributed computing, visualizations, SQL? All check. And the NYCDSA enabled all of this - brilliant, helpful professors, well-designed homeworks / lectures, and great connections to the real data science world. Make no mistake - you'll be working unbelievably hard. Dozens of homeworks, ~5 projects, tons of slides and material to learn. But that's what you want, right? If you're serious about boosting your career, NYCDSA is the perfect place for you.
  • Jake Lehrhoff
    Jake Lehrhoff

    Three months ago I had no idea what I had signed up for. I wasn't even sure I had made the right choice--not just with NYCDSA, but data science in general. I didn't know how to code and all my statistics experience came from an academic setting. Three months later and I can hardly comprehend how I got to where I am now, but I know for certain I wouldn't have gotten here without NYCDSA. On the first day it was clear that I was a bit of a minority. It seemed that everyone had more experience than I did--I had been a classroom teacher for 6 years, and an English teacher at that--but this wasn't a time for excuses. No matter what level you arrive at, you can't survive the program without being all-in, and that might be its greatest strength. I (and the rest of my cohort) kissed goodbye to our social lives and fought through three of the most challenging, stressful months of our lives. Suddenly I'm a proficient coder in two languages, I understand the statistical nuance behind complicated machine learning algorithms, and most importantly, I landed a job that is wildly better than what I imagined I could get. Seriously. I took the screening interview just for the practice. And then I got another interview. And then another. And then a job offer. And throughout, I knew the answer the virtually every question they threw at me. And for that, I have to thank NYCDSA.

  • Nate Aiken
    Nate Aiken
    Data Analyst
    Memorial Sloan Kettering

    I had an interest in data science but was making slow progress learning it on my own. This program gave me a strong foundation to build my future growth upon. It covered all the statistics necessary to apply statistically learning methods appropriately. It taught the most commonly used machine learning methods across industries. These methods were covered in both R and Python. Seeing the material in both languages was great, it gave you two chances to be exposed to each topic. All of the material was presented with clear lecture slides that will continue to be a resource. Each topic was also presented with sample code and exercises to explore the material in a hands on fashion. We also had the chance to work on real world data science projects that applied the material covered, with the assistance of our teachers and TAs. The bootcamp hosts a monthly Meetup that gave us a chance to present our work publicly. We had weekly speakers who were leaders in their respective fields come and speak to the class about different facets of data science. In some instances these speakers also had projects we could work on if we were interested in their field. The bootcamp went to great lengths to get us access to hiring partners, actually bring data science managers/HR managers to us. To be successful in this program you need to work as hard as they work for you. It wasn't uncommon to work with instructors late into the night or on weekends. This has been a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about becoming a data scientist.

  • Pokman Cheung
    Pokman Cheung
    Goldman Sachs

    I attended the Data Science Bootcamp in summer 2015. It was a very enriching, useful and enjoyable experience. It offered plenty of important things that one couldn't hope to find by taking online courses or reading textbooks. The instructors possessed valuable knowledge and perspectives in the data science industry, and were able to share them with the students through various activities (e.g. lectures, invited talks, meetups, company visits, individual counseling, etc.). Also, students had a lot of opportunities to interact with established data scientists, as well as collaborate with other aspiring ones on real-world projects.

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Big Data with Hadoop and Spark
September 12, 2016 - October 24, 2016
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January 23, 2017 - February 15, 2017
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