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We understand that the Data Scientists we trained could be working in mission critical areas for a business or organization. So from the start, we’re very selective about the candidates we accept.

We have students with a variety of experience levels, career goals and interests, so no matter your industry or field, we will have a talented, qualified student for you!

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We've made two hires, a Data Scientist and a Data Engineer. They've been wonderful. They've really hit the ground running. They were able to start producing results immediately. They were much more comfortable then someone else coming in. In the short time that they've been with us, they've taken on some of the biggest initiatives in the team.

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Mikhail Lisovich
Director of Data Science and
Analytics at TheLadders

We know our students well.
Our goal is to provide you with talent that will not only be a good fit today, but will continue to evolve with the changing needs and aspirations of your company.

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We only want the best for our students - we won’t limit their chance of getting their dream job.

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Our Bootcamp students receive over 420 hours of education and hands-on practice. They receive ongoing support from top teachers and mentors, who work with them everyday to make sure their skills and knowledge are relevant and up-to-date.

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