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We are experts in customizing training, consulting, and project help. Let us help you boost your team's data science skills.
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Companies that choose us
McKinsey & Company
NYC Dept. of Education

What we offer

Customized Training

Customized Training

Corporate training offerings in R, Python and Big Data, customized for your needs: from high level executive offerings to technical hands-on training in programming and implementation.



Expert professional consulting services from data scientists and engineers, building big data solutions and solving data science problems.

Project Help

Project Help

Free service offered by our advanced Bootcamp trainees to solve immediate project needs, from visualization, to drawing insights from data, to predictive modeling.

Skills to drive your business

We offer various tracks for your business.
Don't know which track to choose?
How it works?

Scalable, measurable, and robust online training platform promotes the development of skills through a project-based curriculum.

Individually-paced learning
Customized and project-based curriculum
Measurable learning progress
1-on-1 mentoring

Customized and instructor-led training workshops hosted onsite. Skills developed through interactions with our instructors and TA and project supports.

Real-time learning
Customized and project-based curriculum
Collaborative learning environment
Immediate outcomes

Why choose our training?

performance Over Time
Project-centric learning outcome, easily track and measure your team's learning progress.
Customized training and project guide based on your own needs.
Customized Courses
Robust Learning Process
Dedicated project manager and instructors lead your team throughout the learning process.


We can solve your big data challenges.

Free Project Help

Let us help you with an immediate project need
Our Bootcamp students are skilled and eager to help you with project right now. We admit only the highest quality applicants, most with PhDs and Masters degree from all areas of science and math. For no fee you can work with our students, guided by our instructors, to explore insights buried in your data and create predictive models to help you make better business decisions.
Sample Projects
Using Machine Learning to Measure Job Skill Similarities
Brett Amdur, Christopher Redino and Amy Ma
Creating a Real-time Streaming Analytics Platform to Manage Social Media Marketing Campaign
Claire Vignon Keser, Grant Webb, Yabin Fan and William Zhou

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