Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Interested applicants are encouraged to submit their bootcamp application as early as possible as the Academy has a competitive process due to the number of applications that are received and limited seats that are offered.

The application process consists of three steps:

  1. Applicants are required to submit an online application designed to help the Admissions team get a sense of each applicant’s educational and work background. Applicants are also asked to complete self-assessment questions about their familiarity and technical experience with various data science topics and tools. It should not take more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete the online application.
  2. After the application is reviewed, the applicant will be contacted by a member of the Admissions team to schedule a video interview. This interview serves as a chance for both parties to understand better if the bootcamp program is the best fit for the background and goals of the applicant.
  3. If advanced to the final step, the applicant is invited to complete a technical assessment. It contains technical challenges that determine the thought process and programming experience of the applicant. Each applicant has 48 hours to complete and submit the assessment. The team will then review and evaluate the responses and determine if the applicant is ready to join the bootcamp.

The 12-week Data Analytics Bootcamp - Online is an interactive distance learning program. It is an accelerated training program in which students learn the major tools and methods for performing data analyses and apply them to various projects typically found in real-life business situations. Students learn to employ R and Python for data analytics projects and for presenting research results effectively.

The Data Science with Machine Learning bootcamps offer a large set of tools and methods dominant in the data science field. Students not only learn the knowledge and skills for data analytics but also study supervised and unsupervised models of Machine Learning and other more advanced topics. Students also learn two programming languages in this program - R and Python.

Our Immersive Data Science with Machine Learning program (In-person or Remote-live) is a full-time program. Students must be able to commit 40 hours or more to studying and doing homework and projects. The typical class schedule is 9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. during the week, and students are expected to spend more time out of class to complete project work. For online instruction bootcamps, the time commitment varies based on the delivery mode chosen by students. Data Science with Machine Learning - Online offers full-time(16 weeks) and part-time (24 weeks) options.

Yes. NYC Data Science Academy has partnered with diverse companies from small startups to large corporations to help place our students in positions just right for them. But a job is not guaranteed. Our job placement assistance includes:

  • Resume review, LinkedIn profile improvement, interview skills workshops
  • In-class Industry Experts speaker series
  • Hiring partner event series, including student presentations and a hiring partner networking gala party
  • Mock technical interview and coding tasks
  • Presentation of projects and networking with data science peers through our meetup events
  • Real-world consulting project opportunities offered by hiring companies
  • Company site visits
  • Access to post-graduation resources

We work with every student individually to get their skills up to a level where they can start the bootcamp. We offer customized pre-work packages for accepted students. If students have limited statistical and programming background, there are some books and online courses that we recommend. Also for students who are already in the New York City area, they can take part-time courses for free.

The tuition for Data Science with Machine Learning or Data Science with Machine Learning - Online is $17,600. The tuition for Data Analytics Bootcamp - Online is $9,995. A deposit of $5,000 is required after acceptance to secure your spot.

Funding opportunities are available through two different financing institutions: Ascent and Climb.

Ascent offers fixed interest rates on 3- and 5-year loans, regardless of current income, employment, or educational background. In addition to the cost of the program, they offer a living stipend up to $7,500 with tuition financing. 

Climb Credit offers fixed interest rate loans for both immersive and bundled part-time courses. Financing is available for various types of credit, including students with no credit. 95% of applicants will receive an instant decision after completing Climb's quick 5-minute application. International students are welcome to apply with a qualified co-borrower who is either a US citizen or permanent resident. Living expense stipends are also offered to those who qualify. 

Information for either can be found on their respective sites.

Yes, you can find the details here.

Yes! We have had a few international students in our bootcamp. There are a few things you should keep in mind: We do not provide visas, our international students have all come here on traveler visas or valid student visas; We do not guarantee a job for international students, as getting a job and working visa in the U.S. purely depends on potential employer's preference as well as the U.S. immigration policy; You should also be aware that the opportunities to get job and working visa in the U.S. with a non-U.S. degree are very few; As for hiring partnerships, we have a limited number of relationships outside of the U.S. but we are committed to helping you find a job where ever that may be.

Unfortunately we do not provide visas.

NYC Data Science Academy will accept applications from individuals with master’s degrees or Ph.D.s in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics, or equivalent experience. Some Bachelor's or non-STEM degrees will also be considered, though we strongly urge you to take statistics and/or programming pre-work before the bootcamp starts. We encourage people with zero coding background to apply at least six weeks ahead of the bootcamp start date, to allow enough time to finish a solid pre-work plan.

The final project is optional but we highly recommend that you complete the project. Students could and should spend more time with TAs and instructors to do a project that interests them. We are happy to offer assistance and arrange a presentation to demo your project.

Yes. Students should bring their own laptop with Windows or OS X.

We have video recordings of all our classes which are available to students, but we usually send students recordings of the classes of previous sessions. However, if requested in advance, we can process and provide you the video of the session you take. Please note that video processing may take more than a week.

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