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In this webinar, we will discuss popular Python coding conventions and learn how to incorporate them with data into your work to increase your codeโ€™s readability. As ...

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As machine learning (ML) becomes ubiquitous in technology, there is an increasing need for well-engineered ML systems and processes that enable ML algorithms to drive business ...

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While researching the field of data science, it is a guarantee that you will run into Pandas. No... not the cuddly creature from China. Pandas, short for panel data, is a ...

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Industry user cases presentation at NYC Data Science Academy (Collaboration with Dataiku)

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Unleashing the full potential of data and AI requires a paradigm shift in the algorithms and tools used to analyze data and build models towards more interactive systems with ...

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Get a sense of what the data science world looks like. This session will also include a brief overview of the NYC Data Science Academy, including its data science bootcamp and ...

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