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The ultimate Data Science Bundles helps you develop your data science and data analytics skills.
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This bundle covers the most advanced data science topics like deep learning, Big Data with Amazon Cloud, Hadoop, Spark and Docker. You will also learn data mining, regression models, tree models, discriminant analysis and naive bayes, key components of Apache Hadoop and more. Fluency in programming is recommended to get hands-on training of Big Data technologies.

Data Science Mastery

This 35-hour Machine Learning with R course introduces both the theoretical foundation of machine learning algorithms as well as their practical applications in R. It will introduce you to data mining, performance measures and dimension reduction, regression models, both linear and generalized, KNN and Naรฏve Bayes models, tree models, and SVMs as well as the Association Rule for analysis. After successfully completing of this course, you will be able to break down the mathematics behind major machine learning algorithms, explain the principles of machine learning algorithms, and implement these methods to solve real-world problems.

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This 20-hour Machine Learning with Python course covers all the basic machine learning methods and Python modules (especially Scikit-Learn) for implementing them. The five sessions cover: simple and multiple Linear regressions; classification methods including logistic regression, discriminant analysis and naive bayes, support vector machines (SVMs) and tree based methods; cross-validation and feature selection; regularization; principal component analysis (PCA) and clustering algorithms. After successfully completing of this course, you will be able to explain the principles of machine learning algorithms and implement these methods to analyze complex datasets and make predictions in Python.

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This is a 6-week evening program providing a hands-on introduction to the Hadoop and Spark ecosystem of Big Data technologies. The course will cover these key components of Apache Hadoop: HDFS, MapReduce with streaming, Hive, and Spark. Programming will be done in Python. The course will begin with a review of Python concepts needed for our examples. The course format is interactive. Students will need to bring laptops to class.

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