You will develop expertise in R, Python, Hadoop and Spark, while enjoying our support as we help you lift your career.

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Learn data science in just 12 weeks
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Develop expertise in R, Python,
Hadoop & Spark

Learn from the richest and most comprehensive curriculum around

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 Student Testimonials

In this program students will learn beginner and intermediate levels of Data Science with R, Python & Hadoop as well as the most popular and useful packages like dplyr, scikit-learn, and more. Once the foundation of learning has been set, students work on projects throughout the bootcamp. Along the way, students will have assistance in preparing for the job search through resume review and interview preparation.

Online Bootcamp

Program Overview

New York Campus

Summer: August 15 - November 04, 2016

Fall: September 26 - December 23, 2016

Jacob Lehrhoff

Analyst at Spotify

Master of Arts, Psychology, Brandeis University

Three months ago I had no idea what I had signed up for. I wasn't even sure I had made the right choice--not just with NYCDSA, but data science in general. I didn't know how to code and all my statistics experience came from an academic setting. Three months later and I can hardly comprehend how I got to where I am now, but I know for certain I wouldn't have gotten here without NYCDSA. On the first day it was clear that I was a bit of a minority. It seemed that everyone had more experience than I did--I had been a classroom teacher for 6 years, and an English teacher at that--but this wasn't a time for excuses. No matter what level you arrive at, you can't survive the program without being all-in, and that might be its greatest strength. I (and the rest of my cohort) kissed goodbye to our social lives and fought through three of the most challenging, stressful months of our lives. Suddenly I'm a proficient coder in two languages, I understand the statistical nuance behind complicated machine learning algorithms, and most importantly, I landed a job that is wildly better than what I imagined I could get. Seriously. I took the screening interview just for the practice. And then I got another interview. And then another. And then a job offer. And throughout, I knew the answer the virtually every question they threw at me. And for that, I have to thank NYCDSA.