(The copyright of this photo belongs to Baidu in its original post)

About a week ago, Baidu posted a Search Engine Data Scientist position.

Thisย hiring postย promises candidates a direct interview if they can showย Completed over the following one or more courses and meet the relevant requirements of the learner scores:

Stanford University “machine learning”


Score requirements: โ‰ฅ 90%

Stanford University “algorithm design and analysis.”


Score requirements: โ‰ฅ 95%

Stanford University “massive data mining”


Score requirements: โ‰ฅ 80%

Columbia University “natural language processing”


Score requirements: โ‰ฅ 80%

Taiwan University “artificial intelligence”


Score requirements: โ‰ฅ 90%


It made me think — Will linkedin acquire Coursera as next step? Will MOOC certificate become a must do in order to stand out of the crowd?