Alumni Spotlight: Katie Critelli, Data Scientist at Deutsche Bank

Katie Critelli had spent years doing research when she was considering an academic career. When she decided that she wanted to have greater flexibility and apply her skills outside academia, she recognized that the path of the data scientist was the one she wanted to pursue. To obtain the necessary skills and the assistance in […]

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Healthcare Data and Its Uses: Dataiku's Pierre Gutierrez Talks Medicare Open Data and Its Potential Applications
Topic: Medicare open data and its potential applications, with a focus on outliers, fraud, and impacts of companies’ payments on doctor prescriptions. All data...
Vivian Zhang
Posted on September 19, 2015
Interview with a Weekend Student: Yiqun Wang
reported by Karl Smith So tell us a little about your background. I did my undergrad in statistics...
Posted on April 15, 2015
Cool Government Data Sets
Contributed by Karl Smith Data is the beginning of any data science project. Sometimes an interesting data source...
Posted on April 7, 2015
Meetup: Scikit-Learn Workshop by Andreas Mueller
This past Monday, over 70 data scientists and open data-ers went up to Microsoft for the Scikit-Learn Workshop...
Posted on April 1, 2015
Knewton Adaptive Learning
On March 18 we were lucky to host Chaitu Ekanadham, a data scientist from Knewton. Knewton is an...
Posted on March 30, 2015
Predict Condo Prince in New Jersey (R Machine Learning class Final Project Presentation)
The Meetup this past Tuesday was held in the NYC Data Science Academy space near Grand Central Station....
Posted on March 26, 2015
Enigma Opens Data!
Enigma is a very cool company, and NYC Data Science Academy was fortunate enough to be visited last...
Posted on March 9, 2015
Google Employee Visits NYC Data Science Academy Bootcamp
NYC Data Science Bootcamp was visited this week by a data scientists from Google, Harrison Adler. He provided...
Posted on March 8, 2015
What Interested us the Week of March 2, 2015
Why Women Make Great Data Scientists Michael Walker, 2/27/15 Commentary by Janet Kamin Michael Walker starts his blog...
Posted on March 7, 2015
What Interested Us the Week of February 23, 2015  
Big Data Helps to Fight California Wildfires Mary K. Pratt, 2/23/15 Summary by Jiayu Peng Crews responding to California...
Posted on February 27, 2015
Max Kuhn's Talk on Predictive Modeling
Max Kuhn, Director of Nonclinical Statistics of Pfizer and also the author of Applied Predictive Modeling joined us on February 17,...
Posted on February 25, 2015
What Interested Us the Week of February 16, 2015
Big Data: Telling The Story Of Falling Oil Prices Jiayu Peng, 2/20/15 The fall of Oil prices is...
Posted on February 21, 2015
Max Kuhn Gives Talk at NYC Open Data Meetup
NYC Open Data Meetup was pleased to host Max Kuhn on February 17, who gave a wonderful talk...
Posted on February 19, 2015
What Interested Us the Week of February 9, 2015
CrowdFlower Report Reveals: Career Obstacles for Data Scientists CrowdFlower, 2/10/15 CrowdFlower, a data enrichment, data mining and crowdsourcing...
Posted on February 13, 2015
Friday Roundup: What Interested Us the Week of February 2, 2015
DJ Patil has joined the White House to wrangle data issues Stacey Higginbotham, 2/5/15 DJ Patil, who may...
Posted on February 6, 2015
Featured Talk: #1 Kaggle Data Scientist Owen Zhang
Contributed by NYC Data Science Academy. We offer 12 week full time Data Science bootacamp program and 12 week full...
Posted on January 30, 2015
Friday Roundup: What Interested Us the Week of January 26, 2015
Microsoft buys Revolution Analytics Janet Kamin, 1/30/15 The biggest news in data science this week is the purchase...
Posted on January 30, 2015
Friday Roundup: Week of January 19, 2015
Data science: The next revolution in sustainable agriculture Climate Corporation, Dairy Herd, 1/21/15 “It is the next revolution...
Posted on January 23, 2015
Overview of Scikit-Learn (Machine Learning in Python)
Topic: Vivian will go over the main categories of all the popular algorithms and introduce a few user...
Posted on January 5, 2015

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