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AI-Powered Android App β€” Car Classification

Andrew Dodd
Machine Learning Engineer @ Vianai Systems
Panelist Spotlight

Andrew Dodd currently serves as the Machine Learning Engineer at Vianai Systems. He previously worked at Koios Medical as an AI Engineer/ Machine Learning Engineer. He holds a Master’s Degree from Cornell University in Mechanical Engineering and he is currently studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology for his second Master in Computer Science.
Andrew is also an alumnus from the NYC Data Science Academy and he has been a mentor for data science Bootcamp!

AI-Powered Android App β€” Car Classification on September 8th, 2021

NYC Data Science Academy Alumnus, Andrew Dodd will give a free introductory workshop to learn how to structure a machine learning (ML) problem and build it into a server-client model with AWS and an Android app. ML problems can be difficult to frame, collect data to train, train, and deploy successfully.

This talk will address the data gathering approach for a custom image dataset and the challenges involved with finding 100s of thousands of labeled car images online. From this point, we will move to the training phase and the discussion of how to host the model and how to implement the selected solution. Finally, we will go over how we can link this to an Android application.

This talk will focus more on conceptual points and will NOT feature any live coding. This workshop is perfect for both non-programmers who do not have any programming experience and are interested in learning about data science, and programmers who are looking to brush up their skills or expand their programming toolkit.
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