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Intro to Kubernetes by Kyle Gallatin

Kyle Gallatin
Software Engineer @Machine Learning Infrastructure at Etsy
Panelist Spotlight

Kyle Gallatin currently serves as the Software Engineer @Machine Learning Infrastructure at Etsy. He previously worked at Pfizer as a Machine Learning Engineer/Data Scientist. He holds Masters’ and Bachelors’ degrees in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Quinnipiac University.

Kyle is also an alumnus from NYC Data Science Academy, 2017, 8th cohort of Data Science Academy. He has been a mentor for data science Bootcamp since 2018!

Intro to Kubernetes by Kyle Gallatin on July 21st, 2021

Learn with NYC Data Science Academy Alumnus & Software Engineer @ Etsy, Kyle Gallatin. He will give an overview of Kubernetes, and give a walkthrough on how to start deploying ML applications at scale. Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform for managing workloads, services, and applications.Β  Within the data science space, it is popular for deploying and scaling ML models.Β 

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • What’s kubernetes and why?
  • Different deployment techniques available in Kubernetes clusters
  • How to start deploying ML applications and how it works
  • And much more!

Kyle's Github Repository

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