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How to Automate your Cover Letter using Python

Eugenia Dickson
Data Scientist
Panelist Spotlight

Eugenia Dickson has worked in the Building Design industry for over 10 years and recently found her passion in Data Science. She graduated from NYC Data Science Academy in April 2021 and now is transitioning to the Data Science field.

NYC Data Science Academy Webinar | How to Automate your Cover Letter using Python on May 19th, 2021

If you have gone through the tedious process of looking for a job, you must know how time-consuming writing cover letters can be! We are going to free you from the headaches and equip you with automated cover letter generation skills with python!

Join our Webinar and learn with Eugenia Dickson, NYC Data Science Academy alumna. She will talk about how to automate the routine of creating cover letters while keeping them personalized.

In this webinar, we will teach you how to create a tool that will generate personalized ready-to-go cover letters in seconds through Python.

You'll need:

1. Python

2. Jupyter

3. Packages: pandas, Docx-mailmerge, lxml, docx2pdf

4. MS Office: Word & Excel

Follow along with Eugenia with her codes HERE

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