Fouad Yared

Dedicated to public service, Fouad Yared has four years experience working in the non-profit world: he advocated for tenants rights at Cleveland Tenants Organization and instructed classes on basic literacy and GED preparation at the Cuyahoga County Jail. Fouad is passionate about data and leveraged it in both roles to map where lead outreach was most needed and to improve the students' classroom performance. Regarding education, Fouad graduated from Cleveland State University with graduate and undergraduate degrees in Urban Studies, along with certificates in Economic Development and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). At the NYC Data Science Academy, Fouad's projects focused on public awareness to find out if 1) the cost of tuition was related to one's net return on investment, 2) which food categories have the most harmful ingredients and/or added sugars, 3) which factors best predict Russian housing prices, and 4) which factors best predict a store's daily sales.

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