NLP with AirBnb

Scott Edenbaum
Posted on Apr 24, 2017

Basic NLP in R

With text survey data about AirBnb

R is a very powerful programming language with many great built in statistical functions and a large repository of additional libraries. In this post I will introduce some basic text analysis to generate a 'stemmed' wordcloud and frequency chart from text data.

airbnb-wordcloud .     airbnb-top6--



Recently, I had the opportunity to help someone with a research paper written about AirBNB. The author was trying to analyze how customers feel about the company, so she decided to create a survey with Survey Monkey, and had 45 respondents.

This seemed like a good opportunity for some text mining and text analysis in R.

Continue to the next page for instructions creating the above visualizations with NLP techniques.

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