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Helping Companies use Product Review Information

Ryan Burakowski
Data Scientist
Panelist Spotlight

Ryan Burakowski is a current NYC Data Science Academy fellow with experience in capital markets and a passion for working on difficult problems. He spent the last three years as a proprietary trader, traveling the world and living in over 10 different countries. Previously Ryan was an options market maker and equity trader at Susquehanna International Group, where he learned about the power of data-driven decision making in business and markets. He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Brown University and is excited to make data analytics a cornerstone of his career moving forward.

Helping Companies use Product Review Information on June 16th, 2021

Ryan Burakowski, a current NYC Data Science Academy fellow with experience in capital markets, is going to teach you how he developed a tool in Python to help businesses extract meaning from customer reviews of their products. Learn how Ryan’s project analyzed the distribution characteristics of online customer reviews at, grouped at the product level. He also investigated how many reviews a product needs to have accumulated in order for the average rating to provide useful information using Python.

Check out Ryan's Github Repository

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