D3.js Workshop III: Intro to Binding Data to the DOM

Vivian Zhang
Posted on Nov 5, 2013

Many thanks go to Adam Pearce for giving such a great workshop!


NYC Data Science Academy is offering a relative courses:

RSVP Data Visualization with D3.js, Beginner Level




Meetup Announcement:


Adam Pearce is a Data Interaction Developer for Quovo. He posts data visualizations on his blog and frequently answers questions about D3 on stackoverflow.


This will be a hands on, interactive exploration of the way D3 binds data to the DOM. We'll start with the text of Pericles' Funeral Oration, first displaying it with D3, then altering its appearance and finally creating graphical representations.


D3 is built on top of CSS, HTML, and Javascript. If you're not familiar with them, check out google's video tutorials. Before coming, make sure to download these files and to have Chrome + text editior.


Other Useful Info Link:


The creator of D3 has a several excellent tutorials that cover similar ground:
How Selections Work
Three Little Circles
Nested Selections

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